Cello collection story

I am a lover of beautiful objects and a lover of musical instruments. I am a musician since my teens and I started a collection of guitars by chance by buying my first guitar Busato.

After that, I have collected many guitars including Gibson. String instruments have always been my favorite instruments.

Many years ago I fell in love with Bach Cello suites and the cello. In 2005 I bought my first cello and I have began to learn playing it with a cello master with the goal to play one day Bach suites for cello…this is still in progress.

Since that, I have found beautiful and fine cellos and I have began to collect them. To be more precise I like my instruments for their rarity, for their beauty and for their sound quality. It is from these three dimensions that I built my collection of fifteen cellos, most of Italian manufacture.

Through my scents, and with all the experience I have accumulated over years, I know all the details that I have to take care to judge the work of a luthier, including the supplies he used.

Today, I work with great experts of the domain that are able to make a fine analyze of the cello I bought and certificate their authenticity or origins.

These combined expertises have enabled me to detect rare instruments that I like to watch, touch and play, but which are also for sale, only for great instrumentalists when I feel that the alliance between the soloist and the instrument is possible .



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